The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment has invited investors and business players to attend the Bali International Airshow 2024 to explore opportunities in the Indonesian aviation industry.

The airshow, taking place at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport on September 18-21, 2024, will showcase the convergence of excellence in the Indonesian aviation and air defense industries.

"We invite all investors and business people to attend the Bali International Airshow 2024, marking the first Indonesian air show in 30 years, to see further opportunities in aviation in Indonesia," said Jodi Mahardi, Deputy for Maritime Sovereignty and Energy Coordination at the ministry, in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The event offers a dedicated platform for participants to showcase products, services, and expertise to the industrial market, professionals, and global influencers.

Mahardi remarked that Indonesia, with its geographically strategic location, is projected as a future aviation center for countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. This is also based on the connectivity potential, cost advantages, and quality of maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) in Indonesia.

"The aviation industry in Indonesia is a core economic pillar, and its role is anticipated to grow significantly in realizing the Golden Indonesia (2045 Vision)," he affirmed.

Currently, roughly 194 million people fly in Indonesia annually, around 33 million of whom are international flight passengers.

In total, there are 492 airports in Indonesia, of which 47 are international, while 25 active operators handle approximately 1.7 million tons of cargo per year, and there are 466 Indonesian Air Force aircraft with 78 fighter jets and 191 helicopters.

"Indonesia's aerospace and defense market has great economic potential, especially driven by strong foreign tourists as well as the government's focus on strengthening defense and security capabilities," Mahardi remarked.

He stated that Indonesian aviation is on an upward trajectory, with a projected annual growth rate of 5 percent over the next five years. The positive trend reflects the increasing demand for air transportation and presents various opportunities for stakeholders in the aviation industry. Indonesia is ranked fourth in the air travel market globally, with several civil aviation opportunities and strong growth drivers in the industry.

"The government's strong focus is on tourism with the development of the '10 New Balis' program, the growth of the middle-income population, increasing economic activity and mobility using air travel, and building a strong airport infrastructure network with a target of developing 50 airports in the next 25 years," he stated.

Moreover, Indonesia is committed to environmental sustainability in the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).The preparation of a comprehensive policy on that matter is being accelerated.

The focus is not only on making and marketing SAF, but the government also prioritizes providing the right feedstock according to the characteristics and strengths of Indonesian commodities. This includes strengthening the utilization of used cooking oil as a raw material for SAF.